Monday, April 03, 2006

Week 2

This is the beginning of week two of the class blog project. So far, to be honest, after the initial excitement of seeing an entry by a class member, I've lost some heart. Over the last week there has been little activity -

EICUIB1000 Class Blog - 4 members (not including myself) and 2 postings. All comments by myself
EICUIB1955 Class Blog - 3 members (as above) and 1 posting and 1 comment (by the student who posted)

I wonder why more people haven't posted and I also think it odd that more have joined than posted; I would think that once you've accepted and signed up to the blog, you might as well write a sentence or two.

The plan tomorow - not to be too heavy handed, but simply to talk to the class about why they did or didn't post and see if there is any more activity.

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