Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Blog Survey: Class 1955

Monday, May 15, 2006

Class Blog Survey May 2006

Week 7 of the course. This means we only have four more lessons to go and two of these will be taken up with testing and consultations. I have decided to give both classes a short questionnaire (see below) to see what they thought of the project.

Dear Students

I would like to find out what you thought about our class blog.

Could you please create a new post on our blog (call it 'Questionnaire)', and copy and paste the following into your post. Then write your answers to the questions.

Survey: Section 1

In the first part, please indicate YES or NO or NOT SURE. Feel free to add any extra information.

1. Did you join the class blog?

2. Did you post anything or write any comments on the blog?

3. Did you read other people's posts or comments?

4. Did you like having a class blog?

5. Before this blog, had you published anything on the internet?

6. Did you prefer writing on the blog to writing on paper?

7. Do you believe that writing on a blog can improve your English?

8. Will you continue to use this blog after this course?

9. Have you told other people about our blog / about blogging?

10. Should all British Council English courses use blogs? In classtime? Outside classtime?

Survey: Section 2

Please answer the following questions as fully as you can.

How active a blogger were you? (How many posts did you create? How many comments did you add? How many posts / comments did you read? How many times did you look at the blog?). If you weren't active, why not?

12. What did you like about the blog project?

13. What did you dislike about the project?

14. Did you prefer to choose your own topics or did you like it when I gave you specific tasks?

15. Did you think the blog was suitable for homework tasks?

16. What was the most memorable thing that you read on other students’ blogs?

17. Do you think it is better to have one class blog (as we had), or would it be better for everyone to have their own blog?

18. Did you learn anything new about computers / technology? Do you think this knowledge could be useful for you in the future?

19. Do you think we should have done more blogging in classtime?

20. How could I improve this blogging project?

Thank you very much!

Saturday, May 06, 2006


Before the week-long holiday I set a little blog assignment. In class we had been looking at giving people advice and the homework was to post a problem, fictional or otherwise, and then to respond to other people's problems either by way of a comment or a new post... I thought it was a nice idea, but after a week I find there have been only 2 posts! Also, I hoped that the bloggers would post about their holidays, but so far I am the only holiday blogger. Shame. I wonder if the interest flags without the class-time encouragement...
Anyway, only 3 weeks left with these classes. I shall devise a questionnaire about blogging and hopefully have a new class (I think one will be enough this time) with which to put the blogging project back into motion, this time with a little more confidence.

I 've started, in earnest, the IELTS blog. So far, just a number of found sites.