Saturday, March 25, 2006

HCMC Class Blog

HCMC Class Blog

I have just set up a class blog. At the moment the contributors, excepting myself, are fictitious (examplelearnerone, examplelearnertwo, etc), as I didn't know the names of the students. I also thought it might be sensible for our first blog to do a lot of the setting up for the students. This is how I set up the classblog:

1. Created a yahoo email account and a blogger account
2. Sent an invitation email to my yahoo account.
3. Accepted the invitation and created a new blogger account for the learner (examplelearnerone).
4. Repeated this process.

The next step will be to change the example names to real names. This process is timeconsuming, but may in fact be easier to manage than having students create their own blogger accounts and then inviting each student to the class blog and then accepting each student, etc. We shall see...

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